When Your Fears Control You

If you obsess over conspiracy theories, you are missing the point. If you worry about death and what the nature of your death will be like, you aren't celebrating the life you're living now. If you are consumed by the thought that you are being externally controlled by negative forces, you lose valuable energy that [...]

I Feel Like a Miracle

Experiencing Heightened Sensory Information I understand why people change their names after experiencing an awakening. Saying, "I feel like a completely different person" is an understatement. In my very first post, I explained my awakening. The day after, I woke up, lied in bed, and wondered if what I had experienced the night before was real. [...]

We All Desire Validation

After completing over 4,500 episodes of the highest rated talk show in American television history, Oprah Winfrey said that one of the most valuable things she's learned is that all of the 30,000+ participants who appeared on the show had one thing in common. They all wanted validation. (Video where she speaks about validation.) On [...]

Suffering: Validating Unhealed Traumas and Letting Go of Prolonged Dramas (Part Two)

In Part One of this series about suffering, trauma, and drama, I broke down the definitions of each experience and discussed how they are interconnected. Suffering doesn't have to be a negative or positive experience; it's completely subjective. But suffering is a relationship. It's a relationship between you and the drama from your trauma. The relationship [...]

We Are the Ocean

A couple days after my awakening and reading through Audrey's words that she had given me, I started receiving messages from My Team and Higher Self to create my own meaningful messages. I was meditating and actively thinking about how I could explain a lot of things that I learned when I awakened. I wrote [...]