“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”
– Buddha

As more and more people are having breakthroughs, ego-deaths, and spiritual awakenings, as a result of the rise of mass consciousness on Earth, these people may be freaking out that human existence, reality, and truth, as they knew it, are all suddenly changing or drastically falling apart.

What is a breakthrough, ego-death, or spiritual awakening?

I define a breakthrough is a sudden, powerful, life-changing moment of self-realization. An ego-death is a major paradigm-shift where a person allows for the loss of their false, ego self and discovers their true essence: Who They Really Are. A spiritual awakening is kind of a combination of a breakthrough and an ego-death, where you discover your own Truth and how you are connected divinely and lovingly to the Universe. (You can read more about your Truth and the Universe here. You can also read about my spiritual awakening here.)

A major sign that you are experiencing a breakthrough, ego-death, or spiritual awakening is that you are becoming aware of the programmed way of life you’ve gotten used to and how bizarre it is.

You’re beginning to question your reality, and you’re questioning several aspects of human life that you may have never given a single thought to before. These are just the first steps of spiritual awakening: you’re becoming aware and developing questions.

There’s a build up of awareness that happens right before a breakthrough, ego-death, or spiritual awakening where you are perceiving your life situation from a third person view. This change of perspective shows you how unhappy, uncomfortable, or unfit you actually feel in your current reality. Usually, right before you have a major breakthrough, several important aspects of your life that you’ve been questioning from a different viewpoint (your relationships, finances, career path, identity, hobbies, etc.) will begin to come crashing down…all at once.

When this happens, people tend to block and resist their breakthrough, ego-death, or spiritual awakening. They get scared. They allow negative emotions such as fear, doubt, anger, sadness, uncertainty, ignorance, etc. to dominate their thoughts and actions. But the worst thing you can do in this life is allow fear to control you.

These changes are not happening TO you; they are happening FOR you.

Your life is falling apart, because the life you were living is no longer suitable for you, as your consciousness of Who You Really Are and the Universe is expanding and increasing at a rapid rate.

It’s like you are a child, or a teenager again, experiencing a growth spurt. You can no longer fit into the same clothes that you used to wear, because you’re outgrowing them. You need new clothes that fit you properly in your growing, evolving body, and you will have to let go of those old clothes that have become too snug.

Major paradigms and perceptions that you had about yourself, your life, and the world you’re living in are changing. Major elements of your life such as your career, relationships, finances, residence, etc. are all changing as well, and you will need a new perspective and new path that better suits the new you.

For example, if you are experiencing this rise in consciousness, perhaps you’ve been discovering that you can no longer physically get yourself out of bed to make it to work on time. Your body and unconscious mind literally want you to be late for work so that you get in trouble and hopefully, lose your job. Who would want this, right? It’s not that you unconsciously want to be in a stressful financial situation, it’s that you no longer want to work this job anymore. You physically, emotionally, and mentally are refusing this job, and you’re pushing yourself out of it.

If it’s not you who is literally trying to kick yourself out of a certain career, it is your co-workers, managers, or bosses. If you aren’t experiencing yourself unconsciously sabotaging your job, you may have noticed that the people you are working with are starting to become absolutely unbearable to work with! You also may have already been thinking about quitting and pursuing a different career path even before things started to get bad. Everything you’ve suppressed into your subconscious and unconscious mind about your job is surfacing in very intense, direct ways.

This is just one way you’ll kick yourself out of a situation you no longer want to be in.

A lot of people are losing relationships (romantic partners, friends, family, mentors, co-workers, etc.), thinking about moving across the country or to a different country, or considering new streams of income. This is all a natural process of breakthrough and spiritual awakening that you must allow and not fear.

Allow yourself to mourn your old life, but remember that a better version of you and the extraordinary life you dream of is on it’s way.

Life falls apart to make room for better things to flow to you. So when life falls apart, it’s a great sign that everything is about to evolve into the best outcome FOR YOU.

This is not the time to fear change. This is not the time to get wrapped up in negative, fear-based emotions. This is the time to conduct self-evaluation, and access how you want to make positive change in your life. This is a sign from the Universe saying, “It’s go-time. It’s time to focus on YOU, and you need to dream big and put all of your attention on the positive aspects of your life.”

Please do not reject your breakthrough or spiritual awakening. Your time is now, and remember that this is happening FOR YOU, not against you, or not to you.

Life falls apart as a sign that everything is going to get better very soon, but only if you allow it.

Thank you for reading today, and I hope this post has helped you learn how to create your own reality with the power of genuine, unconditional self-love. Have a great day, and I know you can create something miraculous.

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