I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. – Alan Watts

We forgot that we came here to have fun. We forgot that we came here to have an extraordinary experience of being alive. We forgot who we really are.

As I’ve discussed before, about how the present moment is always arriving and departing, at any given moment, your entire life can change. At any point during your day, you can turn your entire life around. When things aren’t going your way, you can decide to give up or keep going.  You, ultimately, are the one who chooses to invest your energy in either negative or positive thought.

“If living your dreams was easy, everyone would be doing it.” – Unknown

In order to pursue my dreams and passions, I’ve been making a lot of difficult decisions in my life, recently. I’ve chosen to give up a corporate career for my own life as an artist, life coach, and self love healer. I’ve chosen to release a lot of relationships, change behaviors that were misaligning me from myself, and dedicate each day to learning something new in the spiritual, art, business, and content creation world. I just bought 6 books from authors, such as Les Brown, Napoleon Hill, Lewis Howes, Ester and Jerry Hicks, and Alan Watts. I have a lot to learn from these spiritual professionals, and it’s all very exciting. It’s also very scary at times, and there are moments during the day where I feel lonely, overwhelmed by the scope of my own goals, and overly protective of the miracles I want to manifest.

Yesterday, I made myself a nice lunch that was very delicious, I completed the main goal I set for myself that morning, and I looked out the window and could see my neighbors’ chickens standing around in the backyard, as I do each day. But as I was eating my lunch, I could feel all of the emotions starting to rise up inside, and a steady stream of tears started pouring out. The chickens outside were staring at me through the window, as if they could hear my internal monologue of overwhelm and mourning for my old ways of life.

“Why are you so upset?” They asked. “I’m fine; this road is just lonely sometimes. I believe so much in myself and my mission, but my miracles seem so huge right now,” I replied.

As I wiped away the tears and finished eating, I emotionally and mentally returned back to the driving force within me. “I have to keep going. I have to keep doing what I know I have to do,” I thought to myself.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and returned to my laptop to check my email. I noticed that I received a newsletter from one of the many spiritual, law of attraction guides I follow on YouTube. I clicked on the link, and I was given a video from a woman named Marie Forleo. This video was about 40 minutes long, and was a FREE course on starting your own online business. This information was exactly what I was looking for, and Marie Forleo is the kind of life coach, entrepreneur, and spiritual person I would like to become someday!

“Whatever your heart is craving, know that you can do it. You wouldn’t have the impulse if you didn’t already have the goods to make it happen.” – Marie Forleo

This instance was just one of many that I’ve experienced so far on my journey where The Universe/ The Creator/ Source/ My Higher Self provided me with something after I decided to push through.

The point of the story I wanted to share with you is that you decide, each moment, if you give up or keep going. When your dreams feel too big, when your resources seem out of reach, or when the old programmed, self-limiting beliefs start creeping their way back in again, you make a choice to either 1) allow your fear and self-doubts to take over, or 2) continue to move towards the reality where you are living your dreams as a miraculous being.

The only time when we can take action is in the present moment. The past is made up of present moments that have departed, and the future is made up of present moments that haven’t arrived yet. But we are currently in a present moment where you are able to take critical steps towards building your own future. All that we have is the present moment, and the present moment is the only place where we can turn everything around in our favor.

So if you are unhappy with your life situation right now, remember that this is temporary. This moment will pass. BUT do NOT let this present moment slip away by being still. Don’t just wait for things to magically fix themselves or for your life situation to magically change into your dreams. Remember that happiness is allowing yourself to feel gratitude and joy for the present momentYou are given this present moment to decide what to do, where to go, and who you are, RIGHT NOW. You have complete control over your life situation, and it all begins with the choice of where you want to invest your energy.

Do you invest your energy in dwelling on what you don’t have right now? Or do you invest your energy into a powerful mindset and courageous actions that will bring you to the Island Where All of Your Dreams Exists?

You are the one who decides. This is your show. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not give up. Your dreams are a present moment away. Don’t take advantage of it.

Thank you for reading today, and I hope this post has helped you learn how to create your own reality with the power of genuine, unconditional self-love. Have a great day, and I know you can create something miraculous.

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