Imagine that you are sitting on a bench up on a hill that overlooks the most beautiful landscape you can envision, however that looks to you. Picture it in your mind. Are you there? Great!

You’re sitting on this bench, enjoying the most majestic scene of nature you can imagine. What kind of sensory experiences are you having right now? What do you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste? Can you breathe in the calming air of the life that’s radiating around you? How does this feel?

Are you able to take in this beautiful scene of Earth as we were meant to experience it, or is something holding you back from embracing this moment?

When we’re unable to see the beauty that exists around us, even if it’s just for a moment in our mind, this lack of presence is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. We don’t feel that we deserve to embrace this moment. You may resort to thinking, “This moment is more majestic and grand than I am. I don’t deserve to be here. This isn’t where I want to be.” This structured thought is blocking you from perceiving this experience of being alive. If you feel you don’t deserve to experience a wonderful, peaceful, calming moment within your mind, the environment around you and the reality you live in will be a horrible place to experience, too. If you feel you don’t deserve to experience what is beautiful, you will attract and only pay attention to the ugliness of the world.

Why do we sometimes feel that we don’t deserve beautiful experiences of being alive? We reject presence, gratitude, and joy when we aren’t aligned with ourselves, and we have strong feelings of self-hatred, fear, shame, and guilt controlling our mind, instead.

If you feel this way, I want you to know that you are not alone. I also want you to know that you are incredibly capable of experiencing MORE, and you deserve so much MORE for yourself.

The extraordinary experience of being alive that exists in your heart begins with self-love, and self-love begins when you truly believe that you deserve it for yourself.

A few months ago, I was in a fog of depression, under a veil of paranoia, and living in a tiny box of falsehood and lies that I created for myself. It was incredibly difficult, but I started taking steps toward healing, because I was tired of being so fucking miserable! I remembered the old times when I was able to feel complete joy and awe at the world around me, and I missed that so much. I worked to reactivate that suppressed part of my soul that that was so cheerful, playful, and lighthearted. I had to go on a quiet, lonely, long journey to self-discovery that involved addressing a lot of trauma that I was storing up inside. It was painful and very emotional, but once I started taking steps toward self-healing, I started remembering all of the things that I used to know as a very, very young child. A lot of these thoughts I remembered are blog posts that I’ve written, such as this one.

Depression, paranoia, falsehood, fear, shame, blame, and other negative emotions take you away from who you really are. Who you really are is not your depression, paranoia, anxiety, or other mental processes that keep you feeling low and out of alignment. Who you really are is a miraculous being. You are a creator. You are love. These negative forces make us forget.

You are not alone. Help is here, and it will always be here. You are ready to live the life you dream of. It’s your time, now.

Thank you for reading today, and I hope this post has helped you learn how to create your own reality with the power of genuine, unconditional self-love. Have a great day, and I know you can create something miraculous.

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