In my previous post, I talked about my time as an Atheist and my relationship with my spirituality prior to awakening. That relationship has always been strong, especially during all of the doubt, skepticism, and questioning.

I have 3 questions for you today.

Imagine that you believe Nothing happens during and immediately after death.
Now imagine this concept of Nothing in its most powerful, intense form.

Now, after you die, who is it that is perceiving this Nothing? How are you there in the Nothing? How do you know you are Nothing, and there is Nothing?

If you are without your human body, your human mind, and your human life, what are you?

Maybe you don’t like this question…I have another one for you.

There is a film called Perfect Sense starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. During the film, there is an epidemic where people slowly lose each of their five senses, one by one. Their sense of smell, taste, hearing, seeing, and touch are all eliminated within days.

If we were to lose all five of our senses right now, in this exact moment, would we be alive, or would we be dead?

If you say, “We’d still be alive, because our senses don’t determine if we are alive or not. We would continue to automatically breathe even though we can’t feel it. What would kill us is the inability to find food, and we would die from starvation, not from losing our senses.” Then, let me ask you, “Once all of your sensory perceptions are eliminated, who are you and what is still there within you, keeping you alive? What is telling you that you are still alive?”

Maybe you don’t like that question either…One final question for you.

What is the voice that you are using to read this right now? Where is this voice coming from? Do you notice that you cannot change the volume of this voice, even when you’re internally screaming?

The answer to all of these questions is YOU. The real You. The You that is Pure, Divine consciousness. The You that is experiencing a temporary human experience through your vessel body and mind (not your brain, your MIND). It is You, the Higher Self.

You are more powerful than you’ve been told and forced into believing. You are infinite beyond your human experience. Death is the end of an experience. Death is not the end of You.

Thank you for reading today.


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