The present moment is a conscious experience that mutually arrives and departs. How do we become present when it’s in constant, evolving movement, arriving and departing, over and over?

You are in the present moment when you are aware that it is both arriving and departing in an endless cycle of change. You are in the present moment when you are conscious that no moment can be completely recreated, and you accept that this individual moment is universally special. You are in the present moment when you allow it to flow in and out of your consciousness without analyzing it with resistance or expectations.

By being conscious that you are consciously experiencing something, without using analytical or rational thought, you are being present.

You can use this present moment to be afraid of the future moments that aren’t here yet and to dwell on the past moments that you can’t change. Or you can just experience this present moment as it is, and let go of the noise that’s preventing you from embracing it.

The choice is yours, because you have control over your own mind.

Thank you for reading, and remember to love yourself first.


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