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During my dark days, the only relationship that my mind cared about was my relationship with my suffering. I was living in past trauma instead of celebrating and being grateful for my present life. I didn’t know this, and it was something that I needed to learn on my own, but looking back, I would have helped myself a lot if I had known to be still instead of motionless.

What It Means to Be Still

When you’re still, you accept all that happened, and you don’t concern yourself with your future. Stillness requires complete openness to your current life and the present moment. You’re taking it all in and understanding that whatever is currently happening, good or bad, will pass. If things are going really well for you right now, and you’re still, you have the ability to be grateful for the abundance of joy in your life, but you also aren’t obsessed with holding onto what you have. Stillness means that you are grateful for the present moment, and when it passes, you are open to whatever comes next. If things aren’t going so well for you right now, but you’re practicing being still, you have an understanding that what you’re experiencing is a lesson, and you continue to make strides to get to where you want to be, without being resentful for your present situation.

What It Means to Be Motionless

Conversely, if you feel that your current life isn’t reflecting what you deserve to experience, you aren’t making an effort to adjust your thoughts and actions to create the reality you deserve, and you are resentful of what you’re currently going through, you’re being motionless.

When we’re motionless, we get too comfortable and forget to be humble.

On my journey, during my dark days, I gave up on my abilities. I was being motionless when I convinced myself that I’m not skilled or talented. I forgot that I was exceptional and that I’m capable of creating incredible thoughts and actions. I wasn’t considering that everything I was experiencing was a lesson for later on. It doesn’t feel like a lesson now, but once you are out of this stage of your life, you will look back and realize how much you have grown and learned.

In Summary

  • Don’t give up on yourself. Great things are coming your way.
  • Don’t be motionless. You can change your reality through your thoughts and actions.
  • Don’t reject this experience that your Soul is creating for you so that you grow.
  • Remember: When you are still, you are connected to the present. When you are motionless, you are opposing forward action.

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