Yesterday, I talked about how your Life’s Waiting to Begin. I said that you have more control over your life than you think. In fact, you create your own reality.Asset 33
How to Create Your Own Reality

I want to clarify that your mind is not your brain. Your brain is a part of your body, but it is not your mind. Your mind is your consciousness and awareness of Self. Allow me to explain:

Think of your mind as an old slide projector. You could also think of your mind as a viewmaster toy. Either way, consider that your mind is a projector. Consider that every individual experience from your past, present, and future are all image slides that you can insert into your projector. These experiences alone have no meaning, until we place meaning onto them using messages and associations that we’ve learned.

For example, lets say one of the experience slides you view in your projector shows you sitting at a desk taking a test when you were in 5th grade. This particular experience you had has no meaning until you place an association onto it. If you believe that you were not a good student, you didn’t like tests, or you experienced something traumatic in 5th grade, these are the associations you created from your belief system that you place onto this slide. Even though this may be how your truly felt, negative associations that are self-deprecating and diminish your abilities will distort and dirty your slides. Remember, you have control over what associations you place onto any experience.

If you view a dirty slide that you experienced in the past through your projector, it’s going to affect how you experience your present.

The belief system that you’ve created based on past experiences does not need to create your present identity. It most certainly doesn’t need to create your reality. Allow yourself to have control over your present life.


How to Be In Control of Your Own Projector

1) Reevaluate the belief systems you’ve created for yourself (consciously, subconsciously, and/or unconsciously)

2) Examine and question why you would place such negativity on yourself when you are a miraculous being

3) Clean and repair your experience slides

4) Understand how unresolved trauma affects our slides and projector (For my past discussion about how unresolved drama, suffering, and trauma affects your present Self, please click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2Are you beginning to see how everything I’ve written about so far weaves into each other?)

5) Only you have control over your projector. Do not allow the program to create messages and associations for you that damage your slides.

Remember: Your experiences alone have no meaning, until we place meaning onto them using messages and associations that we’ve learned.

No more sleepwalking loves, we must awaken.

Thank you for reading, and love yourself first.

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