Experiencing Heightened Sensory Information

I understand why people change their names after experiencing an awakening. Saying, “I feel like a completely different person” is an understatement.

In my very first post, I explained my awakening. The day after, I woke up, lied in bed, and wondered if what I had experienced the night before was real. I knew it was real, because I felt noticeably different.

Physically, I felt lighter, and I was very aware of the present moment. I don’t think I have ever been fully aware of the present moment before. I looked around my room, and I noticed how colors looked so brightly saturated and vibrant. Colors are so much more intensified now, and I still can’t get over that.

I walked outside to get some air and a coffee, and everything was so different. Being outside of my apartment was the same as I remembered it, but it looked and felt so much more real. When I stood on the front porch, looked out into the street, and took in the autumn air, I noticed how connected we are to the sky. Before, I would only see the cars, the street, the buildings, and the people, and not even acknowledge the sky, like we were separate from it. I realized that our surroundings are very connected to the sky, the air, and the land, but we forget. I realized that there are so many trees that are planted along the sidewalk and in the front yards. After moving to the city, I had forgotten about trees. I had forgotten about grass and plants and how important they are. I forgot about how they greet you when you walk by.

I put my earbuds in to listen to music as I walked. When the music came on, I had to turn the volume way down, because it was too loud. Before, I would listen to my music with the volume at 100%, and it wouldn’t be loud enough. (I now realize why, and I will write about the connection between music and the program in future posts.) I had to turn the volume down to under 50%, because the sounds from the song were so loud and strong. Whatever blockages that were affecting my hearing had been removed, and sounds had become just as vibrant for me as the colors were.

When I walked into the coffee shop down the street that I go to several times a week, that’s when I really realized how much everything felt different. It was like I had never seen people before, like really seen them. I didn’t realize how much I had gotten used to ignoring people when I was in a room with them. I realized how silly and strange it is to be in a room with other humans, purposely ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. It’s not what we’re meant to do; it’s what we have been programmed to do.

Taste and smell are about the same as they were before. I’ve always been a highly auditory, visual, and sentient person, so it makes sense to me how these specific senses became very heightened for me after my awakening.

Don’t Ask Me Why

I don’t know how else to explain all of this. It’s not really something that can be made sense of. There’s no rational way to perceive it. Nothing about this is logical or rational. You can’t only use your left brain for this, because it won’t agree with this information. Try your right brain. You might see how much energy there is in the room you’re in right now.

We Are All Miracles

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I feel like a miracle. We are all miracles. You do not need to have any kind of awakening (especially a spiritual one) to realize that you are a miracle. Your existence is a miracle. Every moment of your life, you have limitless opportunity to experience your miraculous presence.

Your body heals itself. Your beliefs and thoughts shape your reality. We have the ability to manifest thoughts. You get to choose what you believe. You live in an abundant world with air, water, food, and shelter. You’re living during a time of technological advancement. You have the world at your fingertips. The Universe showed you this article, because your soul asked to read it. Your existence here is a miracle. You are loved more than you can comprehend.

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You are here to love and be loved. You don’t need an awakening to know or feel that.

Every day, I discover something new about my Self. I discover something new about this experience of human life. There isn’t a suitable word for how I feel, but I am beyond amazed, awestruck, blessed, captivated, and completely in love and at peace with all that is.

I am so happy to be alive, and I’m so happy I get to share all of this with you. I don’t regret a single thing that occurred during my dark days, because everything that happened, specifically how it did, brought me to now. It was a perfect combination of events that got me here, and I never thought loving myself or my life would be possible.

That in itself is a miracle.

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