I thought conspiracy theories were all jokes until I did my own research.

I was a sophomore in college, and I had time at night to watch evidence videos on YouTube. Conspiracy theories were a major component that inspired my awakening. I’ve learned that some conspiracy theories are far fetched, but the majority of conspiracy theories are indeed, conspiracy facts.

Because the Law of Attraction is a part of the system that our consciousness uses to experience our thoughts, that means whatever you believe in becomes your reality. You can choose what you believe in, and your beliefs create your reality.

Yes, you create your own reality. If you think all conspiracy theories are made-up stories by silly people on the internet, that’s what you will experience. If you think all conspiracy theories are true, and you become paranoid about what you discover, you will experience all of the conspiracy theories stalking you everywhere you go. So you don’t have to believe that conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts. I’m not asking you to.

This post is for anyone who has discovered that there is some truth to conspiracy theories and needs help coping with the paranoia and anxiety that can result from such an intense realization.

step 1
Making such a huge discovery and learning that what you considered “reality” isn’t real at all is a very big deal. It’s important to center yourself and understand that a part of “the program” we are experiencing is that the negative forces who have invented all of these “reality lies” purposely want anyone who discovers the truth to feel intense fear and paranoia. They created the cover-ups and lies, and they also created how they want you to react once you discover the cover-ups and lies.

They want you to feel negative emotions, so it’s important for you to relax. Consider where you physically are right now. You are safe. Consider where you emotionally are. They want you to be scared and paranoid. It’s important that you focus on your breathing and take note of your own thoughts and emotions. Don’t try to control them. Observe your thoughts and emotions, but do not react. Negative reaction is what they want.

step 2
As I said at the end of Step 1, having the ability to deprogram yourself is a huge accomplishment. If you’re able to awaken for conspiracy truths, you might be able to awaken further and realize even more truths that are waiting to be discovered. Making these discoveries wasn’t a coincidence, because there is no such thing as a coincidence. You’ve learned about conspiracy facts, because you were meant to.

Take this as a sign that you are meant to be on a path of self discovery and very special heightened consciousness. Consider that this is a gift from your Higher Self. This could be the beginning of a journey of spiritual awakening that you didn’t realize you were capable of. You are more special than you realize.

step 3
Once you’ve calmed down a bit and realized that you’ve uncovered these conspiracy facts for a reason, the next best thing for you to do is to stop watching the YouTube conspiracy theory videos and looking up information about them on the internet.

While it can be anxiety-provoking and scary to learn about all of the facts, the rush of discovering a secret can become a little addicting. There’s something that’s mutually terrifying and exciting about making these kind of discoveries, so it’s easy to want to learn about more conspiracy facts. When you know that one of them holds truth, you  understand that the probability that they all could hold some kind of truth really goes up.

It’s in your best interest to take some time away from conspiracy theory content, because it can become strangely addicting, and you don’t want to become obsessed with things that are so negative and low vibrational. These programmed lies also have programmed negative energy that is meant to affect people who uncover the truth. Exposure to negative energy isn’t good for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and it can also attract negative entities. I will discuss more about negative energy and entities in future posts. Until then, take a break from your investigative work.

step 4
While you’re taking a break from “conspiracy truthing,” be active and do something that you like. Just taking a short walk outside in nature will provide a great deal of healing for you after your exposure to negative energy. Paint, read a book, or listen to the music that you liked to listened to when you were a teenager. Creating something, learning about something new that doesn’t involve conspiracy lies, or doing something that you love creates high vibrations and positive energy that will combat the negative energy you were exposed to.

This step isn’t about taking your mind off of what you’ve discovered or masking your emotions. The fear and anxiety you may feel are valid emotions and reactions to what you’ve experienced. This step is about doing something that brings you healing and joy to counteract the negative energy and to recenter yourself and your emotions. Remember it’s very important that we are attuned with our own thoughts and emotions and that we shouldn’t react to negative energy with more negative energy.

step 5
You might feel strongly about trying to tell everyone you know or a select few people who you trust about conspiracy truths. If they aren’t interested or don’t perceive things the way that you do, do not get frustrated or upset.

Again, don’t react to negative energy with more negative energy. Ignorance is a low vibration that is caused by a combination of fear and confusion. Losing patience with people who want to believe that conspiracy theories are fictional or people who haven’t woken up to them yet is another symptom of the program that they want from you. It’s our responsibility to center ourselves and make conscious decisions when we respond and react to difficult situations.

As I said in my post about my spiritual awakening, not everyone will wake up or have an awakening in their lifetime, and that’s very okay. Everyone’s soul is on a different path, and some people’s path isn’t to awaken in the current life they are experiencing. Some people’s path in their life is to invalidate those who have had an awakening, and that’s all right too. Some people exist to challenge us. We decide how we react and how we use our energy.

step 6
A similar sentiment to Step 5, if you’re going to seek validation from other people about all of this, you are looking in the wrong place. Only you can completely validate yourself.

We are in control of our own belief system. Because the Law of Attraction is the system that our consciousness uses to experience thoughts, if you choose to belief something, your environment will reflect and confirm your belief. For example, if you believe that the police are out to get you, you will see police cars more often, hear police sirens more frequently, and experience other things that validate your belief.

A higher vibrational and more accurate example of a belief you can use to create your own reality would be the belief that Pure, Divine Love, your Higher Self, and your Divine Guides are all protecting and assisting on your path to understanding your higher consciousness. If you believe that you are protected by Pure, Divine Love, you will be. You are safe and loved right now as you read this.

If you don’t fully understand the concept of creating your own reality, don’t worry. I will have several posts about it, because it’s a crucial aspect of spiritual awakening. I’m still working on it myself, but so far, my reality is so beautiful and amazes me more and more each day.

These six steps have helped me cope with a lot of the difficult things I’ve learned on my journey, and I hope they help you on your path and provide support during a time where things are very confusing and scary. Opening your mind up to the lies that we’ve been told is an important step in the process of breaking out of the program we’ve been fed and recreating your own reality.


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