We Are the Ocean

A couple days after my awakening and reading through Audrey’s words that she had given me, I started receiving messages from My Team and Higher Self to create my own meaningful messages. I was meditating and actively thinking about how I could explain a lot of things that I learned when I awakened.

I wrote The Ocean with the help of My Team and Higher Self while using my own divine knowing and light to explain how we are related to the Universe and our purpose here.

The Ocean

Imagine a space where only absolute blankness exists; however you can perceive it.
Now, envision within the blankness, an endless Ocean transforming and expanding out of it.
The water of the Ocean consists entirely of Pure, Divine Love.

As the Ocean continues an endless reach out of the blankness, it has to experience itself and expand farther beyond infinity,
So it divides and pours Its water into vessels. These vessels are as infinite as the water they contain.

However, some vessels have been misled by forces that reject Pure, Divine Love.
They have been tricked into believing their entire worth is represented by the value others place on them, based on a deceptive, grading system. They think high of how others adore them, but now of how they adore themselves.

We have been deliberately misguided from our true existence and purpose.
We are not faulty and meaningless, and we are not only our vessels.

Each of us is Pure, Divine Love within a vessel, experiencing ourselves in a very special, deliberate way.
We are the Ocean of Pure, Divine Love of which we originate from and continuously expand upon.
Please remember who you really are.

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