During the summer of 2015, I worked at Chipotle in Rochester, NY after not knowing which direction to take my creative career.

I graduated in the winter of 2014, and I was feeling that the extra work I put in to get out of college a semester early was all for nothing. I enjoyed working with food and at Chipotle, but I wasn’t making any art or designs when I wasn’t working. I was in a rut.

I started working there at the end of May, and I met a co-worker named Audrey. Audrey was kind to everyone, and there was something about her energy that was very nurturing and warm.

One morning before our shift started, we had breakfast together. She was eating fruit, and I was eating a huge burrito bowl at 10:30am. We talked about how she was a vegan trying to convert to a raw diet. She used to be an intuitive life coach before becoming a Chipotle team member. I didn’t know what that meant. She told me that as an intuitive life coach, she teaches her clients how to let their intuition and gut-feelings about things help to guide them where they want to go in their life. I thought it was very fascinating.

I told her a little about me. I told her about how I was experiencing a rut, but I enjoyed learning about new things. I told her how I went to Catholic school from age 3 to 14, and I was starting to learn about Buddhism.

She asked me what aspects of Buddhism stood out to me and why I was learning about  Buddhism specifically. I said that the principles of karma, reincarnation, and the importance of Self resonated with me. As I read about Buddhism, the beliefs and methodology didn’t feel forced. When I was in Catholic school, I had to really force myself into believing that a lot of things were true. With Buddhism, I had a easy and natural understanding of Buddhist beliefs.

She didn’t respond. She let out a “Hmmm,” and took a long pause. After a moment of letting our conversation sit, she said, “I have some things I want to write down for you that I think will help with everything you’re experiencing.” She got up to get a pen and paper.

I thought that was very nice of her. I was setting up the cash register before the store opened, and she came back out, sat down, and started to write down whatever advice she had for me. I didn’t know what to expect. I just thought that was a nice gesture.

Right before our first customers came in, she told me that she left the paper with my things and I can look at it after my shift. I forgot about it until my shift ended. When my shift was over, I went to grab my things. I didn’t read it yet, but I told her thank you.

When I went out to my car, I read the piece of paper. I knew that what she had written was incredibly profound, but it didn’t make sense to me at the time. I knew it would become meaningful to me someday, so I kept it stored safely in a notebook.

We didn’t really talk about what she had written for me after that, but I was very thankful she would share such wisdom with me. She must have known it wouldn’t have made sense to me then, but it would eventually.

Later that summer, I considered moving to Boston and to start working with a LGBTQ non-profit. I visited my girlfriend who had recently moved there for an internship, and while I visited her, I encountered a young girl while walking around downtown who claimed to be a psychic. She told me that I would be very successful in what I decide to pursue, but there is someone hindering me from moving forward and being my best self. It was a weird encounter, and I told Audrey about it when I returned from my visit.

Audrey told me that sometimes the Universe creates situations that your Soul needs to see to understand where you’re at in life. I agreed with her. I told her that I wasn’t sure about moving to Boston, but I really wanted to go. She told me that if I could see myself there and if I had a gut feeling that I should go, then I should. So I did.

My last day of working at Chipotle, Audrey kissed me on the head and said, “You will be great.”


When I had my awakening on October 24th, two years after I had met Audrey, I immediately searched for that notebook with the piece of paper in it. I knew I brought it to Boston with me, and I still had it stored away somewhere.

I found it in my closet, and I read over what she had written for me again. I cried, because what she had written to me had finally made sense.

2017-12-13 22.15.05

Embrace this human experience, but don’t believe in its limitations.

You are a Soul having a human experience.

Have the courage to bring the brilliance of your Soul fully into this human experience.

Your soul is a reflection of Pure, Divine Love.

Choose to hear and follow the voice of your own Soul.


When she told me that the Universe creates situations that your Soul needs to see to understand where you’re at in life, she was very right. It was also ironic, because she knew that we had met there for a reason. She delivered her message to me, and I am delivering this message to whoever reads this.

I am immensely grateful for Audrey’s guidance and what the Universe has given to me. I hope that passing on these messages will help you understand too.

Thank you.




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