Our experience of being alive is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Allegretta Alive is an intuitive empowerment coach, self-love leader, motivational speaker, adoptee advocate, portrait artist, and entrepreneur. She is currently sharing her intuitive awareness and love for humanity by consciously creating:


Only you can validate you, because only you know your own experiences and how they feel.

Self-love is a state of being. This state can be awakened at will and can nourish our experience of inner-peace, grace, joy, and love without conditions. Allegretta Alive encourages you to remember Who You Really Are - an expression of Pure, Divine Love.


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A COURSE IN MIRACLES: An Open-Mic, Music, and Poetry Night

Saturday, Dec 15th || 7:30-10pm || Boston, MA

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I Love Myself: An Open-Mic, Music, and Poetry Night

Saturday, Nov 17th || Boston, MA

Belonging: An Open-Mic, Music, and Poetry Night

Saturday, Oct 27th || Boston, MA


Understanding Preverbal Early-Childhood Trauma

excerpt from my latest adoptee talk, “My adoptee experience and adoption as trauma” (march 31, 2018) When infants experience trauma (such as being separated from their birthparent immediately after birth) before they know language, they will have a difficult time communicating and expressing what the trauma was or what it felt like for them. Because […]

Compassion is More Impactful Than Empathy

This book has taught me that if we utilize empathy over compassion, we will experience an empathy-burnout or empathy-fatigue. If we utilize true compassion, we will not become fatigued or empty our vessel; our compassion will overflow.

Spiritual Awakening: Why Life Falls Apart

It’s like you are a child, or a teenager again, experiencing a growth spurt. You can no longer fit into the same clothes that you used to wear, because you’re outgrowing them. You need new clothes that fit you properly in your growing, evolving body, and you will have to let go of those old clothes that have become too snug.