the adoptee activist + motivational speaker

By sharing her unique story of adversity as a transnational, interracial adoptee and shining light on her experiences as a queer woman of color, Allegretta, Alive encourages and inspires others to share their own stories and create their own life. She speaks at community gatherings, social events, conferences, and progressive, non-profit benefits around topics such as:

  • Empowerment, leadership
  • Women's issues, feminism
  • Adoption, parenting/ family
  • Mental health, suicide prevention
  • LGBTQ movement
  • People of color, racism
  • Social change, civil rights
  • The law of attraction

the PORTRAIT ARTIST + self-love mentor

Allegretta, Alive's healing sessions utilize the power of portraiture, self-love mentorship, and spiritual healing. She elevates live, portrait sessions into an alternative healing practice, where the participant is the Focus of the entire space and creates the direction of the session. Her renowned Portrait Healing sessions are creations of incredible works of art, manifestations of her vision to positively impact the lives of many (and her own), and a true, one-of-a-kind experience. 

Self-love is a state of being. This state can be awakened to experience inner acceptance, healing, peace, and positivity, because who we believe we are shapes our external reality. Our experience of being alive is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

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Adoptee Talks

Presenting her journey as a transnational, interracial adoptee through motivational speaking and an emphasis on self-love, these talks educate current and prospective adoptive parents, empower fellow adoptees, and benefit anyone affected by and interested in adoption.

Portrait Healing

Working with participants in a caring and safe space, this premium program uses the power of portraiture to heal wounds, transform self-image, and awaken self-validation.

Spiritual Artwork

Allegretta, Alive's portfolio of drawings and paintings explore spiritual themes, such as inner energy, meditation, and connection to pure consciousness.

Stoneware Pottery

Wheel-thrown in a present, meditative state, this collection of multi-functional, ceramic work features pieces that are safe to use in your dishwasher and oven. These have excellent use for coffee, tea, decor, storage, and more.

Limited Edition Merchandise

Continuing to impact the masses through her mission to promote self-love, she is selling high-quality clothing merchandise that feature her trademark slogans.



ADOPTEE TALK: the power of self-love as an asian-american adoptee (MAy 1, 2018)

11 of 13 attendees identify as LGBTQ, a person of color, or a queer and/or transgender person of color.


11 of 11 attendees said the speaking event was beneficial
and would go to another Adoptee Talk.

2017 was a year of incredible and very painful change for me. But perhaps one redeeming thing about the year was getting to connect with Allegretta the last few months, and benefit from her spiritual insight and positive thinking. In our conversations, Allegretta has consistently encouraged me to dig deep to manifest my dreams and desires. In the first week of January, I entered an Instagram contest for a free spot in a week-long yoga retreat in Acapulco. Well, can you imagine my feelings of incredible awe and tremendous gratitude when I found out the following day that I won the spot?! Had it not been for Allegretta's words of persistence and intention, I don't think I even would have entered the contest - let alone won.

Rebecca N.
Portrait Healing

During my Portrait Healing session, Allegretta asked intentional questions that encouraged me to think critically about my life. She listened attentively to my responses and used them to frame the rest of the conversation. She presented viewpoints that were validating of my identity as well as my individual being.

Ga Tsung T.
Portrait Healing

I loved my Portrait Healing session! Regardless of if you are in need of self-healing or just want an incredible portrait of yourself, Allegretta provided me the best service. Also, she plays enchanting music and burns incense for the 3 hour session. The vibe is fantastic!

Ariella R.
Portrait Healing

transformaTIONAL, self-love mentorship

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